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As you know, our school is full of boys from the age of 16 to 19. So we are keen on sports and games. Some of us are so good that they can participate in many competitions within our town, district or region. Our PT teachers prepare us for these competitions. Here is a sample of the important activities during the school year 2003/04.

1. The name of competition: "The Day of Sports and Games" was held in October 2003. One part of it was named "The Alphabet of Young Footballer" - the best football players showed their skills in juggling with ball using feet and head. Because they were so good, they won golden and silver medal in region competition. The first place Juraj Kovac (2.D). The second place Julius Drozda (4.B) Another discipline was "Penalty Football" - Our schoolmates won 2nd and 3rd place.
2. We also organize a school tournament in volleyball. Nearly all classes have volleyball teams. It is a big celebration for all students even if they are not among winners.
3. In table tennis tournament we won 2nd place in regional level.
4. Very special competition named "Strong Hand" is organized every year for high school students by our region authorities. It is a competition in arm wrestling. Nearly 200 students took place there. So it is a great success for our school that Samuel Bukovina (4.E) won golden medal and Jozef Durila was on the 7th place.
5. We were successful in Darts Competition of Eastern Slovakian Region. Our school team won another golden medal.
6. Our local authorities organized a great competition named "Sport against Drugs". In streetball, chess and athletics. As participants there were approximately 20 students from our school.
7. Other popular sports at our school and in our country are football and basketball. We have good conditions for playing them in the playgrounds in our school area.

As you can see our school is quite active in sports and games and boys really like these activities. And what about you?