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In our country we have also some famous Romany peoples. For example there was Superstar show (like American idols) on TV. Among young singers in the top 11 there was one Romany singer. His name is Peter Koncek and he became very popular.

We have got also a very popular music band which is called Kmeto Band. They are father and son with other members of their family and they popularize typical Gypsies songs and music.

These dancers are members of Romathan - professional Gypsy theatre from Kosice. We are proud that it is maybe the only one in Europe. It was founded by Romany civil right activists shortly after the end of communist rule in 1992. This 60 member ensemble the ROMATHAN still has its artistic independence.

"We don't just want to entertain but like to educate our people" says one of the elder actors and co-founder of the ROMATHAN. With these words he describes the everlasting attempt of the arts‚ independent of ethnic roots: to influence daily life and to give power to shape one's own destiny.