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It all began two years ago. My hobby is music and everything what is connected with music, but on the top of it all is my guitar. I love to play the guitar because it gives me something as a great feeling that I cannot explain, it just fills me up. It is all about my feelings in possitive or negative ways. I started to play with my two friends who live at the same place as I . We met together and we decided to do something special, something new. For the first time when we were together we couldn´t play anything. But after some time we could play some songs and then it was better and better. So we made a decission that we wanted to play for people. And the special occassion came soon. Our school organises a day for talented young students which is called TALENTARIUM. So we had the real performance for the first time there. On that day D it all began early in the morning. We had to prepare all things, instruments, mix, speakers, etc... And the "chaos" started. I had mixed feelings about it all. I was scared but on the other hand also excited. My inner "I" told me: "Now, you can show who you are!" We stood there in so called all our beauty and we started to play... We heard applause... For me it was unforgettable feeling. This feeling will stay somewhere deep inside me forever.