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On May 1st 2004 Slovakia became the part of European Union. Every country of this union has its own problems with immigration of people from the abroad, e.g. from Africa, Asia or South America. But Slovakia has its traditional problem. It was a problem during socialism era and it remains as a problem for today. This is not only social but also political problem.

There are two types of Romany people: Some of them are clever and they have no problem to integrate to normal life. But most of Romanies are problematic, because they need some help from the government. The government gives quite much money to them, but they don’t know how to use this money. After they get money they buy non important things like satellite, mobile phones, new television sets or alcohol drinks. Young Gypsies do not go to school regularly and instead of it they smoke, drink alcohol and use drugs. These problems with this population are still grooving up. They live in ghettos in towns and many of them live in villages in very poor conditions. All those places are unbelievably dirty and full of garbage but nobody tides it up. They also become parents in young age and they have their children when they are 16 – 17.

Here are photos taken at one suburb in our town Košice: