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This survey is also a very useful marketing tool e.g. we would like to publish some of the results of the students in our school magazine and also in local papers. People get a better idea of social background of our students and of their free time.


We wanted to know way of life of young people studying at our school. For this topic we prepared questions in a questionaire. The questions were divided into two main parts. One part included questions concerned with the social background and family atmosphere which our students live in. The second part was focused on questions about their free time.


We got 100 forms back from 100 students. From marketing point of view a response of 100 % is a success. The students were more or less obliged to co-operate because we distributed the survey papers during English language lessons . To be honest: we had hoped that all involved schools in the project would have responded . We could compare the social background and free time of young people in different countries which could be a very interesting and valuable output .
Mgr. Zuzana Pavúková
Jozef Varga
Peter Lengyel