Model of School – enterprise partnership

Europe need well educated young people

Studying method for international work-life

Specialist pracitce of our students in European countries


Vocational training for teachers of electro-technical school to improve the quality of teachnig


The Slavonic Exchanges in Growing EU

Mobility for the future – M.F.F.

Teachers “know – how” Exchange within Lifelong Learning – T.E.L.L.

Mobility of Young Electrotechnicians in the EU – M.E.E.U.

Improvement of Qualification for Electrotechnics Students – I.Q.E.S

European experiences and practises in electrotechnic schools - E.X.P.R.E.S

Young Electricians in Electro-Technics Industry - Y.E.E.T.I

New European eXperiences, skills and Training - N.E.X.T.